Top 7 Natural wonders

National wonders are amazing things that people enjoy and never seem to forget. There are some national wonders that every human must see in this lifetime. However, there are seven natural wonders that everyone must see during their lifetime.

A trip to Yellowstone National park is certainly a wonder that every one should see at one tome in their life. Yellowstone is one of the oldest parks in America. In addition, the white bark pines are an absolutely beautiful sight. Yellowstone National Park is comprised of over 3,000 square miles of both wilderness and recreation.

Yellowstone has beautiful rivers, canyons and lush forests. In addition, the park has become the home of a variety of bears, antelopes, elk and other animals. Yellowstone is certainly not an ordinary park. A trip to Yellowstone National park is certainly an amazing wonder that everyone should see at sometime in their life.

The Everglades National Park in Florida is a place that has been of great interest for many years. The park is home to alligators, rare turtles over 300 species of exotic birds and much more. The park is over 1 million acres of wetland located on the far Southern tip of Florida. The park is also home to over 45 species of reptiles. Therefore, Everglades National Park is a place that would be of great interest to just about anyone. Taking a trip to see this unique park would certainly be something you would never forget.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia is one of the largest structures within the entire world. The reef contains over 500 different kinds of corals as well as over 90 different species of jelly fish. In addition, a variety of sharks and rare dolphins call the Great Barrier Reef their home. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is truly a place that a person should see before they die. Visiting this location is certainly an experience that will be remembered for many years to come.

Ireland has become a major tourist attraction over the years. The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland is a fascinating place that is certainly one of those beautiful wonders anyone would be glad to see. The Cliffs of Moher stand over 700 feet high and is well over 4 miles in length. It is estimated that close to one million tourists visit this location each and every year. Some have described the Cliffs of Moher as “Heaven on earth”. An absolutely unique and unforgettable experience.

Moraine Lake in Alberta Canada is another wonder of the world that many try to visit at least once throughout their lifetime. Moraine Lake is located within the valley of Banff National Park. The entire area is surrounded by beautiful crystal blue water which is more stunning when the bright Sun reflects off of the pure clear waters. This area is known for its breathtaking scenery and peaceful surroundings. Many visitors enjoy canoeing in these fine waters. Moraine Lake has a surface elevation of over 6,000 feet. The lake sits on about 120 acres of ground.

Moraine Lake is one of the most photographed areas within the entire world. Moraine Lakes is situated within the Valley of Ten Peaks. The lake does not reach its crest until late June early July. Moraine is the only glacially fed lake within the entire Alberta area. Moraine Lake has become a major tourist attraction and draws large crowds each and every year.

The Grand Salar in Bolivia is another popular tourist attraction. Grad Salar is the worlds largest salt flat. This salt flat was created naturally following the evaporation of an ancient lack which once occupied this entire area. The reflection of the sun hitting the salt flat produces amazing shapes and figures which are clearly visible during the day. This is truly an amazing place with an extraordinary history. This is a fabulous place to visit while you are still young enough to make the journey.

Another beautiful and interesting place is Hiller Lake in Australia. What makes this lake so extraordinary is the fact that the entire lake is bright pink in color. The pink color came about by bacteria formations interaction with the sun and salt air. This lake is about 1900 feet long. It is best to view this extraordinary site from an airplane or helicopter in order to get the complete view of this amazing pink lake. Scientists have several theories besides bacteria on how this lake acquired the unique pink color.

There are a variety of natural wonders that exist throughout the world. Natural wonders of the world seemed to always fascinate people and it seems fascination only grows stronger as the years go by. Some people never realized how beautiful the world is until they visit some of the natural wonders of the world in which we all live.